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Type: Sirjan 

Size: 6.9 x 4.9 ft 

Quantity: unique one piece only

Premium Handmade: This is a Persian rug made from fine wool with a cotton base, it has a lovely high quality wool that make it comfortable to sit on and more durable.



Sirjan, Iran located 200 miles north of the Indian Ocean. sirjan (Sirjan) rugs typically have both bold patterns and colors.  Designs are often geometric, and sometimes feature flower (rose) motif. It's not uncommon to for Sirjans to have one or multiple medallions.  Colors of which are used are often a red field with other colors being blue, black, ivory and other top colors. Sirjans are on the thinner side, although there are some which would fall into a medium pile height category.


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Note: (The colours may differ in reality so if your interested in a rug please let us know so we can send you more pictures)