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RED the colour of Fire, blood & love. Its associated with excitement, energy, passion and off course sexuality. Red is intense & steals attention from other colours, stands for aggression & safety at the same time. Thats why the Name of The King Of Kings, Darius the great, who was the third Persian Emperor of the Achaemenid Empire was given to this beautiful Red dominated Shiraz Persian Rug, that also shows its power with its strong geometrical lines that was weaved with mysterious design to guidance us from or to another dimension.


 Type: Shiraz

Size: 8.4 x 5.2 ft

Quantity: Unique one piece only 

Premium Handmade: This is a Persian rug made from fine wool with a cotton base, it has a lovely high quality wool that make it comfortable to sit on and more durable.



The city of Shiraz with its gardens, tombs of the poets and the ancient Persepolis, is situated in the Fars province which lead to the name of the country Persia, today's Iran.

The easy-going atmosphere appeals to many Iranians. Around the city resides the Ghashghai nomads (see the section about Ghashghai ) and their carpets are traded in the giant bazaar; sometimes under its own name and sometimes under the name Shiraz.

When speaking of Shiraz carpets in common, it is a more simple carpet with pile, warp and weft made of wool.


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