Apadana Hall

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Becuse the lighter dominant colour of this unusual piece of Sirjan Persian Rug, that makes any hall or living area feel larger, and allows the darker coulours & desingns stand out to make you mesmerize where the weaver was in his mind to create such a unique thing. Thats why we gave it the Name Apadana Hall, a large hypostyle hall, best said the great audience hall and portico at Persepolis and the palace of Susa. The Persepolis Apadana belongs to the oldest building phase of the city of Persepolis, the first half of the 6th century BC, as part of the original design by Darius the Great  that also shares some symbols that are engraved in Persian Artifacts.


Type: Sirjan

Size: 7.2 x 5.1 ft

Quantity: Unique one piece only 

Premium Handmade: This is a Persian rug made from combination of fine silk and wool with a cotton base.



Sirjan, Iran located 200 miles north of the Indian Ocean. sirjan (Sirjan) rugs typically have both bold patterns and colors.  Designs are often geometric, and sometimes feature flower (rose) motif. It's not uncommon to for Sirjans to have one or multiple medallions.  Colors of which are used are often a red field with other colors being blue, black, ivory and other top colors. Sirjans are on the thinner side, although there are some which would fall into a medium pile height category.


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