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Where to start here with  Madam Persepolis, Once called the Gate of All Nations, the ceremonial capital of the Achaemenid Empire 330 BC. A human eye can quickly catch the dominant green colour that is connected to all other colours, lines, shapes and historical symbols in this Rug that has a 1000’s of stories and secrets hidden in history. Green is the colour of nature & environment that combines the power of blue and yellow, it is associated with growth, health, renewal, youth, harmony, freshness and fertility. Thats why designs on this rug are from all over the Persian Empire that included Magnolia as well to give us this beautiful creation.



Type: Afshar

Size: 6.8 x 4.7 ft

Quantity: Unique one piece only 

Premium Handmade: This is a Persian rug made from combination of fine silk and wool with a cotton base.



Around the city of Kerman in the southeast of Iran reside the semi nomads from the Afshar tribe. For hundreds of years these nomads lived in the northwest of Iran, but a part of the tribe were compulsorily transferred to today's area, where carpet manufacturing became an important branch of business.

The carpets have red and blue colour tones and mostly geometrical patterns. The most common pattern contains a large center piece with one or more squared medallions, some say that this symbolizes a hide stretched for preparation. Today, medallions also occur and are typical of the Afshar carpets as they are also relatively wide in relation to its length.



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