Cleaning & maintaining your rug


How to clean your rugs at home

Rugs can add warmth and style to your home, but if you want to keep them in tip-top condition and ensure they last for years, you’ll want to check out our tips on how to clean your rugs at home…

There comes a time when despite your best efforts of caring for your rugs, you’ll need them professionally cleaned. You can, however, take steps that will prolong the intervals between professional cleaning.

The easiest way to prolong the life and appearance of your rugs is to……

You guessed it…..


Ideally, vacuum your rugs at least once per week; preferably twice. If you have an upholstery or stair attachment on your vacuum, all the better. You want to catch any dust and soil before it gets worked into the base of the rug.

Ingrained soil works as an abrasive that will wear and break down the fibres over time!

If you don’t have an upholstery attachment, then vacuum your rug side to side in order to avoid sucking up the tassles!

An important tip is to turn over the rug every month or two on a clean surface and vacuum the back of the rug. Remember to turn over again and complete the front once finished.

Give it a shake!

If you have enough space and your rugs are easy to handle (and your neighbors aren’t downwind!) then it’s a good idea to occasionally take your rugs into the garden and give them a good shake. You’ll be surprised how much soil will come out!

Re-position your rugs to avoid uneven wear

As well as turning your rugs to vacuum the back of them, I recommend turning them 180 degrees once or twice year. Foot traffic and the sun can wear your rugs, and turning them will even out the wear.

Professional Cleaning

Due to the differing fibres and colouring of some rugs, it is advisable to call a professional rug cleaning company for stain removal advice. DON’T be tempted to use shop bought carpet cleaning detergents or scrub away with hot water!!!

I advise that quality rugs be professionally cleaned at least every 2 years, and if you have a busy family home, every 12 months to ensure they maintain their composition and appearance.

If you have any question please let us know.

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